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Tuition Policy


Families accept the responsibility of tuition and are financially obligated for the full year’s tuition when your child takes a seat at SBCA.  Parents will not be able to register their children for the next school year if all financial obligations are not met for the previous year.

Tuition – Tuition costs are set yearly, usually in May. Due to contractual commitments to our teachers and staff as well as other annual expenses, families are required to satisfy their tuition payment.TUITION RATES 2014-2015

FACTS Program:
Each family must choose one of the following options for tuition payment:

  •   Payment in Full: Payment in full is due by July 5, 2014. This one time payment can be made through FACTS Tuition Management Company. $38.00 enrollment fee does not apply.
  • Monthly Payments:  Monthly payments are made through FACTS Tuition Management Company.  Payments are made over a period of 11 months beginning in July.  Monthly payments are automatically processed from your checking or savings account on the 5th of each month. A non-refundable yearly enrollment fee of $38.00 is charged for this service through FACTS.
  •   Quarterly Payments:  Quarterly payments are made through FACTS Tuition Management Company.  Payments are made in July, October, January and April.  Quarterly payments are automatically processed from your checking or savings account on the 5th of each month.  A non-refundable yearly enrollment fee of $38.00 is charged for this service through FACTS.
  •  Credit Card Payments:  This is a new option through FACTS Tuition Management Company.  Monthly payments along with a convenience fee (2.75% of total tuition) will be automatically charged to the card you designate.  Acceptable cards are American Express, Discover and MasterCard.  The convenience fee is in addition to a nonrefundable enrollment fee ($38).

Once registered for FACTS Program you will be contacted by the tuition coordinator, Mrs. Kathy Meoli with your monthly payment amount.

All FACTS monthly payments (11 equal payments) will begin July 5, 2014,and will conclude on May 5,2015, unless you have chosen the quarterly payment plan.

Parent Tuition Fundraising Commitment

In addition to tuition payments each family is required to fundraise a total of $300.00 in Christmas Calendars.  This fundraising commitment may be added to your monthly payment plan through FACTS.  When choosing to add your fundraising commitment to tuition you will receive the calendars and raffles without cost to you, with the ability to win the prizes for yourself or give as gifts to others.  Please advise Mrs. Kathy Meoli if you would like to have this commitment added to your tuition payment prior to June 15, 2014.

Financial Aid:

If you apply and qualify for financial aid, notification will be mailed to you with the amount of your award.  All tuition payment plans will be adjusted accordingly. The Archdiocese of Boston “Catholic Schools Foundation” funds financial aid and we are required to follow their guidelines for the distribution of aid.  Pre-school and K1 students are not eligible to receive financial aid.

Finance Charges on returned checks:

Checks that do not clear are the responsibility of the parents.  Fees will be collected from the parents.  A $25.00 fee will be assessed for any checks made payable to South Boston Catholic Academy that is returned for insufficient funds.  When replacing a returned check, it must be paid by a money order, bank check, or cash.

Returned Payment Fee on FACTS Payments:

Payments returned to FACTS due to insufficient funds, FACTS will attempt to withdraw payment up to two (2) times on the next available date.  A $30.00 FACTS Returned Payment Fee will be automatically deducted.  If payment is returned to FACTS three (3) times payment must be made in the form of money order or bank check to South Boston Catholic Academy.  Personal or company checks will not be accepted.


The cost of your child’s education is a full school year expense.  Please note books are purchased, teachers are hired, and classrooms are prepared in anticipation of each student’s full-year enrollment.  As a result, South Boston Catholic Academy has specific policies and guidelines regarding students who withdraw from the school

Families who withdraw their student before the end of the school year are financially responsible to pay the tuition up to and including the month of withdrawal.


Withdraw in any month Payments are due through that month
Withdraw in October Payments due from July through October
Withdraw in March Payments due from July through March
Withdraw after April 1st No refunds

Written notification is required and a withdrawal form must be completed at the School Office.  Families are responsible for contacting Mrs. Kathy Meoli, Tuition Coordinator, to cancel the Tuition Payment Plan.  Tuition must be current and up to date before the withdrawal process can begin, which means School records cannot be sent.  Registration fees, Financial Aid and scholarships are not considered tuition payments and will not be refunded in the event of a withdrawal.  There is no tuition refund for students expelled for disciplinary reasons.

Non-Admission due to Tuition Delinquency

If unforeseen financial difficulties arise, families should immediately contact Mrs. Kathy Meoli to arrange for alternate payments plans if necessary.  SBCA strives to work with families; however, requires adequate cash flow to meet financial commitments.  Families who fail to pay tuition according to any agreement that they have made with SBCA or who have been unwilling to make alternative arrangements will be notified that their student(s) will not be allowed to attend SBCA until payment is current.  If tuition delinquencies exist:


August payment Student(s) will forfeit their seat and not be admitted on the first day of school
December payment Student(s) will not be re-admitted on first day of class in January
May payment Student(s) cannot take final exams and report cards will show an incomplete in each subject. Sixth grade students will not be allowed to participate in graduation ceremonies or receive their diploma.

Contact Information:

South Boston Catholic Academy
866 E. Broadway
South Boston, MA 02127
Attn: Mrs. Kathy Meoli
(617) 268-2122
(617) 268-3344