Families accept the responsibility of tuition and are financially obligated for the full year’s tuition when their child takes a seat at SBCA.

Parents will not be able to register their children for the next school year if all financial obligations are not met for the previous year. Tuition costs are set yearly, in the Spring. Tuition is based on projected enrollment, contractual commitments to our teachers and staff and other expenses required to operate the school. As a requirement of the Archdiocese, all tuition payments must be made through the online site for FACTS Tuition Management Company, our partner in tuition management. Through FACTS, families are given the options to pay tuition in one payment, four quarterly payments, or 11 monthly payments. For more details on the payment plan options, please reference the Tuition and Payment Information Form in the School Policies/Forms section.

Tuition Policy 2020-21 Academic Year


We acknowledge and understand that COVID-19 is a challenging situation for all involved.  School and other closures have created significant hardship for families, children, teachers, and our overall community. In addition to the impact on SBCA, many parents struggled during the previous school year to adjust to a new normal of working and parenting from home simultaneously.  While it is our hope that SBCA will remain open during the upcoming school year, we cannot predict the future or any potential PARTIAL closure requirements by the Commonwealth, City, and Archdiocese, and we understand there may be questions on tuition if the school is required to close at any time during the 2020-21 Academic Year.  We have convened a team of experts to help us ensure that we are in compliance with State and Local Regulations.  This team will help us establish the best practices so that our students and staff stay safe and healthy this coming academic year.  Families will receive these polices and guidelines prior to the start of the school year.  


Tuition is an essential component of successfully running our school and is vital for us to provide a first class education to your children.  This includes being able to pay our teachers and staff a competitive salary, while maintaining a safe environment for our school community.   Without tuition, our school cannot survive, which we have seen with many sister schools closing throughout Massachusetts during the COVID-19 pandemic. 


As a result, and in the interest of full transparency with you, we have established the following policies and protocols in respect to tuition and potential school closings during the 2020-2021 school year.


Grades K2 – 6

If a closure occurs, we will implement enhanced remote/virtual learning for grades K2-6, and robust education will continue.  Existing policies on tuition remain in place, including withdrawal options.  Chromebooks will be provided to each student, if needed, for remote learning. Please refer to the tuition policies here that have been in place the last few years: http://www.sbcatholicacademy.org/admissions/tuition-and-financial-aid/


Early Childhood Education (K0-K1)

If a closure occurs, we may not be able to provide enhanced remote/virtual learning for our early childhood education students.  If this happens, we will enact tuition relief in the form of a credit for the following school year. We are all facing an extremely challenging and evolving crisis and we are aware that guidelines and expectations are constantly changing.  Thus, any tuition relief will be made based on the circumstances at the time of closure.   


Financial Assistance 

In general, if any family in any grade would like to request tuition assistance, due to COVID-19 or otherwise, please contact Dr. Civian – we will address tuition assistance on a family by family basis.  We are here to support you through this time and hope this provides some clarity and guidance. We are in this together, and our top priority is to provide a safe learning environment for your child.  

Withdrawal  Policy (Preschool K0  – Grade 6 ) 

Because expenses are incurred from the moment students are enrolled, families are responsible for all or a portion of tuition upon withdrawal.  The following schedule outlines the amount due based on the time of withdrawal: 

  • Withdrawal prior to the first day of school – full refund 
  • Withdrawal from the first day of school through February 1, 50% of tuition is due 
  • Withdrawal from February 1 through the end of the school year, 100% of tuition is due 

Parent Tuition Fundraising Responsibility

Each family will be responsible for 30 Christmas Calendars. Your tuition fundraising commitment will be $300.00. This year, we are including the $300 fundraising commitment within your FACTS tuition payments. Each family will receive 30 calendars in November (to sell, gift etc.) and all returned stubs will be entered into the daily drawings.

Financial Aid

Students in grades K2 through 6 are eligible to apply for financial aid. Funding for financial aid is provided by the Catholic Schools Foundation, which has set guidelines for the distribution of the financial aid funds. Applications and supporting documentation must be submitted through the FACTS system by the deadlines provided. Administration of the financial aid awarded is at the discretion of the Catholic Schools Foundation and can be rescinded at any time.

Other School fees charged

South Boston Catholic Academy is no longer accepting cash or check payment of any type. All payments are to go through the FACTS system. This includes Extended Day charges, camp fees, field trip fees and all other charges incurred. Whenever possible, charges will be invoiced through the FACTS system on the 5th of the month, with the amount to be deducted on the 15th of the month. If tuition amounts are split among multiple payment plans, these charges will be split equally among the plans, unless the Tuition Coordinator is otherwise notified.

Changes to FACTS Payment Plans

During the school year, if you need to make changes to your FACTS Payment plan, they must be done so at least ten (10) business days prior to a due date for changes to be implemented. Changes to banking and/or credit card information must be done directly through FACTS (online or via telephone). All other changes must be made by the Tuition Coordinator. The payor must submit a Payment Plan Change form or otherwise notify the Tuition Coordinator in writing before any changes can be made.