Families accept the responsibility of tuition and are financially obligated for the full year’s tuition when their child takes a seat at SBCA.

Parents will not be able to register their children for the next school year if all financial obligations are not met for the previous year. Tuition costs are set yearly, in the Spring. Tuition is based on projected enrollment, contractual commitments to our teachers and staff and other expenses required to operate the school.  As a requirement of the Archdiocese, all tuition payments must be made through the online site for FACTS Tuition Management Company, our partner in tuition management. Through FACTS, families are given the options to pay tuition in one payment, four quarterly payments, or 11 monthly payments.  For more details on the payment plan options, please reference the FACTS Tuition Form in the School Policies/Forms section.

Parent Tuition Fundraising Responsibility

Each family will be responsible for 30 Christmas Calendars.  Your tuition fundraising commitment will be $300.00. This year, we are including the $300 fundraising commitment within your FACTS tuition payments. Each family will receive their 30 calendars in December to (sell, gift etc.) and all returned stubs will be entered into the monthly drawing.

Financial Aid

Students in grades K2 through 6 are eligible to apply for financial aid.  Funding for financial aid is provided by the Catholic Schools Foundation, which has set guidelines for the distribution of the financial aid funds.  Applications and supporting documentation must be submitted through the FACTS system by the deadlines provided.  Administration of the financial aid awarded is at the discretion of the Catholic Schools Foundation and can be rescinded at any time.  FACTS Info


Families who withdraw their student before the end of the school year are financially responsible to pay the tuition up to and including the month of withdrawal, until the month of April.  If a student withdraws at any point after April 1, the family is responsible for the full year of tuition.

Written notification is required and a withdrawal form must be completed at the School Office.  Families are responsible for contacting Mrs. Claire Banks, Tuition Coordinator, to cancel the Tuition Payment Plan.  Tuition must be current and up to date before the withdrawal process can begin, which means school records cannot be sent.  Registration fees, Financial Aid and scholarships are not considered tuition payments and will not be refunded in the event of a withdrawal.  There is no tuition refund for students expelled for disciplinary reasons.

Non-Admission due to Tuition Delinquency:

If unforeseen financial difficulties arise, families should immediately contact Mrs. Claire Banks to arrange alternate payments plans if necessary. SBCA strives to work with families who are experiencing extenuating circumstances. Families who fail to pay tuition according to any agreement that they have made with SBCA or who have been unwilling to make alternative arrangements will be notified that their student(s) will not be allowed to attend SBCA until payment is current.  If such tuition delinquencies exist, SBCA’s policy is as follows:

August payment Student(s) will forfeit their seat and not be admitted on the first day of school
December payment Student(s) will not be re-admitted on first day of class in January
May payment Student(s) cannot take final exams and report cards will show an incomplete in each subject. Eighth grade students will not be allowed to participate in graduation ceremonies or receive their diploma.