From the heart of the thriving historic and dynamic neighborhoods of the seaport and South Boston, we shape over 350 young hearts and minds with a strong curriculum enriched with arts, music, athletics and a solid pastoral foundation.

Our young graduates leave poised for success in exam schools, prestigious middle schools and public schools with a strong moral compass, an academic confidence and a thirst for learning.

Nurturing and high expectations come together in our teachers.

We are fully accredited by the New England Association of Schools and Colleges (NEASC).


Our curriculum is broad, deep and aligned with the Common Core standards. Art, music, Spanish from Pre-k to Grade 6, extracurriculars and athletics strengthen the creativity, analytical thinking and problem-solving we value.

Our focus on integrated thematic units and project based learning starts early. In 2nd grade, Three Little Pigs may be the anchor text for an engineering project By 5th and 6th grades, our students are eager for our Invention Convention and Utopian Fair.

The Literacy Collaborative, through Lesley College, provides our early elementary teachers explicit coaching around literacy in the classroom to ensure that all of our students are given extensive early exposure to reading and writing. In addition, SBCA also offers a Reading Recovery program for early readers who need effective one to one intervention.

Boston is our extended classroom, a rich resource for student learning and professional development. Beyond the Freedom Trail and the Science Museum are Junior Achievement and major universities from MIT and BU to Boston College and Lesley University. Our teachers receive specialized support and advanced degrees at Boston College, The Lynch Foundation, the Catholic Schools Foundation, Emmanuel College and Wheelock College.

Curricular Extensions

Our Arts program, directed by local Artist Deb Putnam, has also been bolstered by the use of technology, showing our students that art is much more than paint and brushes. A recent grant funded our Art room with 10 mini iPads which our 6th grade students are currently using for an animation project. The project, “When I think of South Boston…” is a series of shorts created with iMotion using a cut paper animation technique. Students in the art room have additionally worked with stop action animation as well as experimented with a green screen as backdrops.

Our rigorous, core academic subjects and technology are supplemented by fine arts, technology, physical education, and established Spanish curriculum in grades Pre-K through 6. Furthermore, partnerships with Emmanuel College, Lesley University, Boston College, The Museum of Science and The Lynch Foundation continue to serve as essential resources to provide the Academy with additional enhancements to our curriculum.

Beyond the school day, our students engage in further learning and are active members of their community. Our students are active participants in many clubs, sports, and community service organizations. Notably, many students at our school participate in BOKS, a before school exercise program with proven results to improve student concentration and focus throughout the school day. After school, most students join one of our several clubs or teams, including Basketball, Student Council, Drama Club, and Choir. Students in need of extra help receive after school tutoring during our homework club.


We embrace the technologies that enhance learning, including iPads, laptops and interactive whiteboards.  Our upper grades have a 1:1 student to Chromebook ratio.

Learning is enhanced in an innovative way through technology in all classrooms. Beyond the interactive whiteboards, laptops and iPads that enhance daily lessons, SBCA has leveraged the use of technology to help our students achieve across all subject areas. A recent STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering & Mathematics) initiative in classrooms has pushed our students to think critically about these intertwined disciplines and look critically at their real world application.

Exceptional Learners

Individualized learning based on each student’s personal goals and strengths is the magic of our small school and academic excellence is the measurable result. Our students’ test scores reflect the intellectual curiosity, critical thinking and effective learning habits we instill from the start.

Unique to SBCA are structures to support student learning outside the classroom. Our “Exceptional Learners” program supports our students who require extra support in their learning through push in and pull out programs. Additionally, the program seeks to work with the students who are high achievers to extend their learning beyond the classroom. With a critical eye on all students’ achievement, this program truly seeks to support all of our students in their growth and learning.

Faith Formation

Faith is a key component of our cultural legacy and our understanding of the full development of the whole person. Under the thoughtful guidance of Father Robert Casey, the rites of Catholic Church are celebrated and the spiritual strength of all faiths are appreciated.

Our community comes together for morning prayer, monthly Mass and the celebration of the Sacraments as well as for competitive sports and cultural presentations. Our emphasis is on creating moral citizens of the world, building community, embracing the idea of service to others and developing leadership skills. Community service and faith learning projects are incorporated with the daily curriculum.

We continue to work closely together to ensure that all faiths feel welcome.