Ann Domenic


Sr. Ann Dominic has a BA from Sienna College and an MS in Library Science from Nazareth College.  She holds an M. Ed in Educational Administration from Boston College, a CAES in Administration Supervision and Curriculum Development from Boston College and a certificate in ecclesiastical ministry form Boston College.

Sr. Ann has done advanced study at Boston College, the Marianelia Institute in Dublin Ireland, the Weston School of Theology, Xavier College, The University of Virginia and St. Lawrence University.

Sr. Ann has served as both a teacher and administrator on the Elementary and Secondary level in Brooklyn, New York, Louisville, Kentucky, Lincoln, Nebraska, Cambridge, Massachusetts, Memphis, Tennessee, Framingham, Massachusetts, and finally, South Boston.

Sr. Ann was the Superintendent of Schools in the Archdiocese of Boston for thirteen years following her work on the Secondary Education Development Team at the Catholic Schools Office.  

The mission of Catholic education is in the very marrow of her bone.

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