Our Mission Statement

South Boston Catholic Academy is an urban Catholic School in South Boston. We embrace excellence in education and a firm belief in the uniqueness of the individual. Inspired by the traditions of our catholic faith, family spirit, and academic excellence, we are committed to meeting the spiritual, academic, physical, and social needs of individual students within a learning environment that is both stimulating and supportive. We strive to develop within our students the skills and values needed to become successful, morally conscious members of society.

Message from Principal Helenann Civian

Welcome to South Boston Catholic Academy. It is a tremendous honor to be named the Principal. I look forward to creating strong and collaborative relationships with the staff and parents of this great community. South Boston Catholic Academy is a special place. I am overjoyed to be in a position to positively impact the lives of students and teachers.

My vision for South Boston Catholic Academy is to continue to build an ideal school environment where students feel safe, comfortable, challenged, and engaged in class. Students and staff will celebrate core values and each other. Teachers will feel supported in their teaching and inspired to try new things. Teaching and assessments will be standards-based, instruction will be data-driven, and collaboration will be purposeful. Our school campus will stay impeccably clean and beautiful, parents will be involved in school activities and classrooms, and teachers and parents will work collaboratively to support their students. I will be in the classroom “where the action is” in order to support the teachers, students, and to assess the needs of the school, and of course, where students will achieve academically at high levels. My goal is that together we can make all of these characteristics of an ideal Catholic school happen successfully at South Boston Catholic Academy this year. Only together is this possible. I thank you for taking on this challenge with me to benefit and support your child and his/her experience at South Boston Catholic Academy.